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netbase arp problem/bug?

Hi all,

My internal network consists of 2 computers: a win98 box and a Debian
upgraded to potato box.

Here is the problem... If my debian box is booted first and then my
win88 box second, the internal network does not work.  If I boot the
two systems in reverse (win98 first then debian) the internal network

As far as I can tell everything looks like it is configured correctly,
even the ipmasq works when I ping up my ppp contection.  The problem
only happens after booting.  The only difference I can see is an arp
command returns:

Address        HWtype  HWaddress           Flags Mask            Iface
win98                  (incomplete)                              eth0

when the internal newtork is not working (meaning I booted debian first
with noone on the internal network initially).  I tried a tcpdump to
see what was going on, and it returns:

22:45:28.902005 arp who-has win98 tell debian
22:45:33.902005 arp who-has win98 tell debian
22:45:38.902001 arp who-has win98 tell debian

Now, if the linux box is brought up second, the arp command returns
nothing until I try to ping the win98 box (which does succed because
the win98 box was present during boot of debian) and then the arp

Address	HWtype	HWaddress	    Flags Mask		  Iface
win98   ether   00:60:08:9A:45:AE   C                     eth0

The only way to fix this is the run:

/etc/init.d/networking restart

then everything is fine.

This sould not have to be done... it is also anoying!  Is this a
netbase bug or am I doing something wrong?

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