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RE: startup/connection trubble [was Modules & name resolution]

i'm getting into this debate.
what's the switches for ps that'll show all the daemons i'm running?
just ps just gives me the obvious processes.

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> To: w trillich
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> Subject: Re: startup/connection trubble [was Modules & name 
> resolution]
> On Fri, Apr 28, 2000 at 08:59:34AM -0500, w trillich wrote:
> > 
> > nfs = network fileshare system (or similar)? as in, a windows user
> > can see a volume icon on their desktop from the linux box? don't
> > need that... (the appletalk stuff is still operational... does
> > it need NFS?)
> no, NFS == Network File System (more accuratly known as No File
> Security ;-)   it is for exporting parts/all of your filesystem to
> other *nix hosts, while its possible to export to win* boxes its a
> very bad idea (unless you squash all uids and export read-only) since
> exporting to win* user == giving out root access.  (this is true of
> any NFS export unless you exclusivly control root on all client
> machines, hence the No File Security comment)   for exporting to win*
> you want samba.  exporting to macos users you want netatalk (afpd,
> atalkd, papd) if you need none of the above then for petes sake shut
> it off!
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