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Re: samba -- missing codepage/tree connect invalid?

Tobias Knowles wrote:
> Hey,
> > 1) how do i munge a codepage 850? or do i need to?
>         Not sure about that one...I have about 10 in ./samba/lib/codpages.
> > 2) how can i keep it from adding interface
>         Add to smb.conf
>             interfaces =
>             bind interfaces only = yes
> > 3) what's a tree connect and how do i prune it--or do i need to?
>           If you're not adding -U username to smbclient it assumes current
> user I believe which probably needs no password.  Just hit enter.
> Hope it helps.


#2 made a difference, but here's how i'll solve it altogether:

	apt-get --purge remove samba
	instruct users to transfer files via ftp. 

keep it simple, right?

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