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Re: elvis vs. initial settings

Steve Kirkendall wrote:
> w trillich wrote:
> >         1) it ignores my startup settings and
> It sounds like there's a bad command somewhere in your configuration
> files.  Unfortunately, elvis sometimes has trouble reporting problems
> that occur during initialization, because the GUI isn't ready to display
> them yet.  The best way to detect these errors is by invoking elvis with
> multiple uppercase "-V" arguments, to get a detailed trace.  The trace
> will be written to stderr; redirect it to a file and compare it to the
> commands that you expected it to run during initialization.  If it stops
> abruptly in the middle of a script, then the last command is the culprit.
>         elvis -VVVVVV 2>foo

foo ends up blank. empty. zero-length file. ?!

if i start vi (elvis) with no file name the status line says only
'missing rhs' which must be a harbinger of Bad Configuration Things.

BTW i'm doing this from ttyp0 (telnet) or console, not via xwindows.

> >         2) the exit status is non-zero, which breaks crontab

> This is probably related.

i concur.

> You can also say ":set exitcode=0" before exiting.  You could even make
> that part of a ":x" alias...
>         :alias x {
>             set exitcode=0
>             x
>         }

sure would be nice to be able to put that in a config file...


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