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Re: samba's /etc/samba/cmb.conf -- empty?

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, w trillich wrote:
> of course, since apt-get update / apt-get dist-upgrade didn't install
> everything (or download everything, for that matter) i don't know
> why i insist on thinking that apt-get install somepkg would include
> the pertinences relating to that package. it does install flaming
> dependencies, but that's all.
> plus, the doc/samba* directories had more than just copyright info
> in them, so i figured those meager docs were all there was available.
> so i'm back to asking 'how can we find out what packages are available
> without having to irritate the folks on this list?'

When you do an 'apt-get update', apt stores the downloaded package-description
files in /var/state/apt/lists. So when I install a new package I alway search
for its description in these files to see what's in the 'Recommends:' and
'Suggests:' fields.

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