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Re: Installing without rebooting (running the installation proggie from within Linux)

On Thu, Apr 27, 2000 at 11:02:13PM +0100, Steven Satelle wrote:
> My understanding is (more from windoze than linux) that installing on one
> hrd drv and using it in a diff system is a bad idea, lots of different
> hardware / configurations, unless you both have identical systems

Amplifying other responses.

Not really.  The *really* system dependent thing in Linux is LILO, and
I'm currently booting a system with two disks, two installations, (one
cloned), for which my preferred boot record isn't accessible.  I throw a
couple of extra boot-prompt options in and everything's fine, booting
from the "wrong" MBR.

99.99+ percent of a Linux system is identical, so long as you're running
the same fundamental architecture.  Differences are largely limited to
kernel modules (significant, but easily corrected, and generic "stock"
kernels are readily available).  Other stuff -- filesystem support
(/etc/fstab), networking, and X.  Probably not more than a dozen files,
total, for general circumstances.

And, as said, a slightly (or even grossly) misconfigured Linux system
generally has *some* function, from which you can bootstrap (or fix) it
to the desired level of disrepair.

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