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Re: Newbie Questions

On Thu, Apr 20, 2000 at 02:20:31PM -0500, Irish, Jon D wrote:

Paragraphs are good, Jon.

> I have never used any version of Unix in the past, let alone Linux. I
> have been playing with Slink on a PC at work, and I would now like to
> install it at home.


> The problem is that my machine at work has a bootable ATAPI CD-ROM drive,
> so I could install right off of the CD. My machine at home has a LVD
> Ultra SCSI hard drive connected to an Initio SPEEDWAY U2W INI-A100U2W
> PCI-Ultra2 SCSI Bus Master Host Adapter, and my CD-ROM drive is a SONY
> DVD (5th generation) drive with an IDE interface.

Are you sure your home box doesn't support a bootable CDROM?  Have you
checked the BIOS settings for boot order?

> I know I am going to have to load from floppies, but how do I do
> this. Also, the Initio site only has drivers listed for Red Hat, Caldera,
> BSD, and a category called patches& clean up drivers. Will one of these
> drivers work with Debian?

There is an excellent installation guide, including the floppy
installation method, at the Debian website: http://www.debian.org/ :

> Lastly, I need a good book that goes into detail on how to do everything
> (ie installing a nic, a modem, compile Kernels, setup email, etc.) I
> had heard that there was going to be a "Debian GNU/Linux for Dummies"
> book published, but IDG claims they don't know anything about it.

I would recommend instead O'Reilly's _Learning Debian GNU/Linux_,
which you can preview (or read) online at http://www.ora.com/

My "starter pack" recommendation for Debian GNU/Linux is the above, plus
_Linux in a Nutshell_ and _Running Linux_, all from O'Reilly.  After
that, pick up what you want according to your further interests --
programming, networking, other tools, etc.  O'Reilly's books are almost
always worth the dead tree karma.  I can't say this for others.

> Sincerely,
> Jon D. Irish
> Jon D. Irish
> Technical Lead - Patriot Project Office

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