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Installing Netscape6

Please forgive me if this is a faq, but I couldn't find it
in the recent list-archives:
How would I go about installing the new Netscape(Mozilla)
I've d/l'ed the tarball, unpacked it, and there's no readme,
no ns-install (like in 4.72), no docs whatsoever!?
So, I figure I'll try the "netscape"-file which is in the
top-directory. I know very little about scripts, but this
could be an install-script. It aborts with something about
missing libc6-1.1.2 (typing from memory).
Does this mean that I am missing some libs?
Maybe the new netscape needs Potato-libs?
Running Slink, kernel 2.2.14, PII@400/128Mb.

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