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Re: modules

On Fri, Apr 07, 2000 at 07:08:25PM +0200, Viktor Rosenfeld wrote:
> 2. I think, it should be "make-kpkg kernel_image" (with an underscore
> and not a hyphem)  (*).

Either one works, they're both in the rules file for the same rule.

> 3. Never used "make-kpkg modules_image".  In fact the modules are
> included in the kernel image and will be installed into the correct
> directory.  (**)

Modules like pcmcia, alsa, etc.

> 4. I think, it should be "dpkg -i kernel_image-*

Haven't done this in a while? ;)

The last kernel image deb i made ended up being named

(i used "make-kpkg --rev 2.2.14-anomie.1 kernel-image" to create it)

> (*) So the package management knows that kernel_image is the package
> name.  Hyphems are not permitted in a package name.

Hmmm... then there are a LOT of packages that have non-permitted names.
Do a "dlocate -l -" or "dpkg -l \*-\*" sometime.

Actually, i think underscores aren't allowed in package names, because
the naming convention uses an underscore character to separate the
package name from the version.

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