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Re: modules

Marcin Kurc wrote:

> 2. debian specific
> make menuconfig
> make dep
> make-kpkg clean
> make-kpkg kernel-image
> make-kpkg modules-image
> cd..
> dpkg -i kernel-source-2.2.14_i386.deb

1. "make dep" is not necessary, that's done by make_kpkg.
2. I think, it should be "make-kpkg kernel_image" (with an underscore
and not a hyphem)  (*).
3. Never used "make-kpkg modules_image".  In fact the modules are
included in the kernel image and will be installed into the correct
directory.  (**)
4. I think, it should be "dpkg -i kernel_image-*

(*) So the package management knows that kernel_image is the package
name.  Hyphems are not permitted in a package name.

(**) I never understood why "dpkg -i" bitches about the fact that you
install the same kernel version as the currently running kernel.  It
justifies it with possible confusion in /lib/modules/<version>, but
that's what I don't get.  Newly compiled modules will overwrite the old,
and older kernel modules should still load perfectly, because they're
for the same kernel-version.  What's the big deal then?

MfG Viktor

Viktor Rosenfeld
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