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Re: Speed restriction

** On Apr 07, The_Phantom 74 scribbled:
> Hi
> I would like to set up a router or something using ethernet to connect two 
> LANs but be able to restrict the bandwidth to 512kb/s so it behaves like a 
> leased line...and easier to charge for.
> Any suggestions??
Yup. iproute2 package (you've got it in Debian) plus iptools (also there).
You have to compile in the QoS support into your Linux kernel (2.2.x or
above) - CBQ, SFQ/RED/TBF, the U32 classifier and with these you'll be able to 
nicely shape the traffic. Also, go to:


These will give you a good start on the topic. After that (hmm... or better
before :) - read the TeX documentation from the sources of the iproute2
Once you become familiar with the above, I suggest you take a look at
http://netfilter.kernelnotes.org/ and read about the next generation of
filters for Linux - it will come to you in 2.4, so you better start getting
acquainted with it - it has also a bit to do with trafic shaping and QoS.

good luck,

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