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Re: netscape6 anyone?

I have it running on woody.  I also started it from within the directory
in which I unpacked it.  Symbolic links won't work, you have to run it
from that directory.  I didn't have to change anything at all, but I had
been running M14 of mozilla, and I assume it requires mostly the same

Christian Hammers wrote:

> Hello
> Did anybody get the new netscape6-beta working on a Debian
> potato/woody system?
> (here it silently ends without giving more information)
> ...
>  I am inside the initialize
>   Hey : You are in QFA Startup
>   (QFA)Talkback loaded Ok.
>   WEBSHELL+ = 2
>   assuming d&d is off for Navigator
>   nsCollationUnix::Initialize mLocale = de_DE
>   nsCollationUnix::Initialize mCharset = ISO-8859-1
>   Inside netscape.xul overlay...

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