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Which group to use: staff or users?

Hi all,

I want to give (most) all of my users write access to a directory so I
checked what the staff group owns and what permissions are set.  Among
very few other things, just about everything in `/usr/local' has group
staff write permissions.  I do not fancy giving everybody the power to
mess up `/usr/local'.  One option would be to change group permissions
there, but scanning `/etc/group' I noticed the `users' group.  It does
not own anything (yet) so it looks like a good alternative.

However, before I commit myself I would like to know what the intended
use of both groups is.  The policy specifies numeric GID ranges, but I
did not find any info on intended use of specific groups.

If anyone would care to share their thought, I would appreciate it.
Olaf Meeuwissen       Epson Kowa Corporation, Research and Development

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