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Re: two card clash

it would be helpful if you included output from dmesg, and also did you
try to insmod the rtl8139 module manually ? if it loads(with or without
errors) run dmesg again and see what the kernel says.

i have run dual 3com 3c905s and dual rtl8139s with no trouble.  there is
the matter of the PCI bus, if you are installing a 2nd card after the
system is configured and it is in a lower pci slot, the system would
detect it first making the 2nd card eth0, but thats not a linux problem(in
my opinion)


On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, Chris Mason wrote:

chris >Corel Linux - Intel box 
chris >I installed the OS with one rtl8139 netowrk card in it, the OS found the card and loaded the right module which was assigned in the /etc/conf.modules file. The network functioned and running an ifconfig command revealed eth0 was assigned properly and all the parameters were correct.
chris >I closed down and added another rtl8139 card. I booted and there was no network cards in ifconfig, no networking functioning.
chris >
chris >How do I avoid this problem? Is it an IRQ problem? I thought PCI avoided this.
chris >
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