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Re: file runner

>>>>> "Beavis" == Beavis  <beavis@bidz.com> writes:

    > i have two questions for the list today,


    > 1. i am getting a recursive error

    > modprobe: can't locate module char-major-14

char-major-14 is for your sound card.  You'll need to add something

alias char-major-14 sb

to modules.conf.  Under Debian, you should edit, or add a file to
/etc/modutils, and then run "update-modules".


    > 2. i have tried to install filerunner,


    > The first step is to get the archive unpacked.  Example:


    >   $ cd /usr/local/lib   $ gzip -cd FileRunner-2.5.1.tar.gz | tar
    > xf -   $ cd FileRunner-2.5.1


    > $ln -s /usr/local/lib/FileRunner-2.5.1/fr /usr/local/bin/fr


    > so after trying to run ~#fr

    > i get the following message /usr/local/bin/fr: exec: wish: not
    > found

gotta install wish!  search the packages for wish.  It's in there
somewhere.  Not sure what it does, but it's there.


    > any ideas would be appreciated.


    > thankx --beavis--

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