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Net network help, please

I'm having a little trouble I could do with some help with, if possible. I have Corel Linux installed. I have a windwosNT network with a NT DHCP / WINS server.
It worked fine, the linux box intergrated pretty well, although the DHCP server showed the IP but not the name of the machine.
I need to change the IP block in preparation for firewalling an internet feed I am getting. I changed to 192.168.1.x for all the machines, the DHCP/WINS machine is
Although the Linux box has been given an IP, I can't ping it from another machine and it can't ping anybody. It seems to be able to get an IP from the DHCP server, the name shows up in the name table so it must be getting to the WINS server, but it is not on the network, and I can't ping it.
Any ideas? I don't know the Linux commands to test it, I tried ifconfig and the card has the correct IP and subnetmask. 
What should the gateway be in this case?

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