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Re: Set user ID on execution

Brad <lists@anomie.ods.org> wrote:

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: On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 07:57:33AM -0500, W. Paul Mills wrote:
:> Brad <lists@anomie.ods.org> wrote:
:> : I'm not sure about mount, but it seems to need root permission to be
:> : able to tell the kernel to mount/umount a filesystem (if i understand
:> : these sources correctly... ;)
:> Unless you give user access in /etc/fstab.

: It looks to me like the kernel mount functions require root permissions
: (actually, it requires a particular capability, but...). The user option
: in /etc/fstab just tells the mount utility to proceed with the system
: call (as root, because it's suid) even if it wasn't run by root.


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