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Re: What happens with pakages ssh2

Jaume Teixi said:
> Afer doing an update on frozen distribution, now ssh2 appears as
> Obsolete/local
> so, what happens ?

Don't know if it's related, but, after encountering the exact same problem, I
went out to the Debian website, grabbed the latest ssh2 deb, and installed
it.  It conflicts with ssh, so I had to dump that.  Now the machine in
question is refusing both ssh and ssh2 connections.  (Of course, I discovered
this when the machine isn't local and it doesn't run telnetd, rshd, or
anything but sshd, so now I have to go visit it to revert the ssh install.

I've noticed that packages which apt claims are missing will frequently be
available from the Debian web site.  Perhaps they've been pulled because they
don't work any more...

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