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Re: Wrapping lines in VI


That is exactly what I needed.


On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 05:54:36PM +0100, Colin Watson wrote:
> Radim Gelner <radim.gelner@siemens.at> wrote:
> >This is a newbie question to vi:
> >
> >I want the text at the vi to wrap nicely a the end of the line so 
> >that I do not have to press Enter after every line. I set up the
> >wrapmargin variable in vim. But what do I do, when I rearrange the
> >text and want to wrap it again paragraph after paragraph to get
> >rid of 'dents'?
> It's a somewhat bizarre set of key sequences, but in command mode (this
> is all vim-specific, by the way, and will probably work in other vi
> clones):
>   gqip - rewraps current paragraph
>   gq}  - rewraps next paragraph
> Since . repeats the last action, you can normally do gq}... etc. until
> all your text is wrapped.
> In fact, 'gq' followed by any movement command will rewrap the text from
> the current position of the cursor to the line where the cursor ends up
> after the movement command, so, for instance, gq2<down-arrow> will
> rewrap this and the next two lines.
> If you want more advanced formatting, you could use a shell escape with
> /usr/bin/fmt or /usr/bin/par.
> By the way, I normally tend to use textwidth rather than wrapmargin, as
> it's usually more important to me to have a maximum number of characters
> in a line than for the line to end at least some number of characters
> from the right window border (this is important for mail and news, for
> example), but your mileage may vary.
> Finally, if you have a reasonably recent version of vim (5.4 or later),
> you might want to look into autocommands in conjunction with filetypes.
> These can give you the ability to define defaults for various types of
> files with a great deal of flexibility. For example, if you put the
> following lines in your ~/.vimrc:
>   syntax on
>   au!
>   au FileType mail      set textwidth=72
> ... you'll find that all files are syntax-highlighted by default where
> possible and all mail and news articles you edit will be wrapped to 72
> characters by default.
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