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Re: Trying to autostart mySQL

"Chris Mason" <chris@net.ai> writes:

> I'm trying to sutostart mySQL at boot up on my Corel Linux machine. I have put the mysql.server script in /etc/init.d and I have aput a symbolic link to it in /etc/rc3.d name S90mysql but it doesn't run on boot. I can start it by typeing /etc/rc3.d/S90mysql start no problem.

I know you have already solved your problem, but anyway: you could
have saved a lot of time if you had installed the mysql Debian
package, which takes over all these problems for you.

You can do this with the Corel update (or installer, don't remember
which), or type in a console: apt-get install mysql-server.

If you want to look if a program is available as a Debian package,
there is the command: apt-cache search mysql. It will show you several
package names and a oneline description; to know more, you type:
apt-cache show mysql-server.

Never mind if you know all that already.


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