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Re: zip and parport printer sharing??

On 03 Apr 2000, David Wright wrote:
> Quoting Gregory Guthrie (guthrie@mum.edu):
> > If I try to use my printer, downstream from a Zip parallel device, I get 
> > "Status: cannot open, /dev/lp1 - device not configured"
> > 
> > But if I power down the Zip pre-boot, it works fine.
> > 
> > I am running Debian 2.1R4.
> Well, yes, I think I saw you report this before, and I hadn't got
> round to replying. You give no details about your kernel version
> 2.0/2.2 or about whether ppa and lp are compiled in or modules.
> With modules, and with ppa in /etc/modules, I would expect (from
> memory) that you'd get the effect you describe:
> zip on at boot: ppa module loaded, printer won't work at the same time
> unless you rmmod ppa and then insmod lp (or let it be insmod'ed).
> zip off at boot: ppa module doesn't load, printer then works as long
> as the zip drive is then switched on (IIRC).
> I have no idea how all think works if the modules are built-in, but
> it could well be just as you describe for similar sorts of reasons.

I don't use modules. I have my printer connected through the Zip drive
and I can use either or both without problems. This is with kernel


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