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Errors from manuals

Hi to all,
	I've upgraded my slink to potato using apt-get and now if I use man it tell me that this manual page don't exist (in /usr/man it exist), it's posiible which there isn't the man index. In fact if I use mandb it do the following response:

	(699-0) nt-maurizio-ttyp1 [~]#mandb                               |Mon 3 10:20|
	Processing manual pages under /usr/man...
	fopen: No such file or directory
	Updating index cache for path `/usr/man'. Wait...mandb: can't create a temporary filename: Permission denied
	(700-2) nt-maurizio-ttyp1 [~]#                                    |Mon 3 10:20|

Can anyone help me?

Thank you in advance

Maurizio Boriani
General Services (Systemist)
20138 Milano - Via Mecenate 76/3 - Italy
Tel. 02/509081 - Fax 02/50908080 - E-mail maurizio.boriani@gsol.it

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