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Re: a few problems since upgrading to potato

On Sun, Apr 02, 2000 at 11:22:54PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> Just confirmed both your problems, and I'm filing them as important bugs
> on the login and PAM packages. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you.

> Basically it looks like tty matching is broken. If you change tty1 to
> ALL, it works (not for the tty1, but for everything). Can you also test
> host mathing to see if that works at all? This is a problem in the
> pam_access.so module itself.

I've now also tried the following:

hostname matching (host.domain.com) - OK
domain name matching (.domain.com) - OK
IP matching ( - Broken
Network matching (192.168.1.) - OK

Also something else I've noticed about matching a hostname.  If I have,
for instance, the following in /etc/hosts: test.home.domain.com test.domain.com test

and I use the following line in access.conf:


the match works and prevents login.  However if I use just
"test.domain.com" or "test" (in other words, any hosts entry other than
the first one following the IP address), no match is made and login is
allowed.  Is this expected behavior?

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