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Ok I give...

I've installed Debian 2.1 on my test machine. My network is unreachable.
I've installed dhcpcd, which has worked fine on my other 2 machines, and
it says that the dhcpcd daemon is started, then I get an 'unknown host'
message when I try to ping another address. My card has worked with
Mandrake, and even with slink when I install from a certain CD which
I purchased from Linux Central. It seems that when I install from any
other CD of slink, I cannot get dhcpcd to work.

I conclude from this that I don't know what I'm doing with dhcpcd
(networking is my weakest area of Linux), and that my other two machines
are working quite by coincidence.  I'm using roadrunner, and it works
fine with dhcpcd on the two machines that have running. Does anyone have
any ideas about what I'm obviously missing?


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