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a few problems since upgrading to potato

I just upgraded my box from slink to potato over the weekend.
Everything went well for the most part, but I have a few small problems
that I haven't yet been able to figure out.  Here they are, any help
would be appreciated:

1) In slink I had restricted tty1 logins to members of group root by
using the following entry in /etc/login.access:

-:ALL EXCEPT root:tty1

With potato, I have tried to set up the same feature via the following
lines in /etc/pam.d/login:

account  required       pam_access.so

and in /etc/security/access.conf:

-:ALL EXCEPT root:tty1

However, when I test this with a user who is not in group root, he can
log in fine.  Is there something I am missing?  How can I get this
functionality back?

2) In xterm, the Ctrl+ and Ctrl- key combinations no longer resize the

3) I have the following line in /etc/login.defs:

SULOG_FILE      /var/log/sulog

This used to work fine in slink; in potato however, the logs are still
written to that file but they are trashed.  Here's an example:

SU 04/02 22:10 + tty2 jimb-äÀu
SU 04/02 22:20 + ttyp7 jimb-äÀ{


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