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Re: Gnu/Linux 2.1 Install from the CD contained in Debian Gnu/Linux Guide to installation and usage

Steve White wrote:

> Greetings, I have been following the directions in the manual I bought
> meticulously, but cannot get the base system installed. First, the
> disk was purchased from Linux Central along with the book. Next, the
> directory structure implied by the text in the book is not even close
> to that on the CD. The book also refers to the rawrite2 program and
> the resc1440.bin and drv1440.bin files, which were not on the CD
> either. I got around this little problem by downloading the proper
> files from the HOWTO site, and hoped that the remainder of the install
> would go well. Alas, this does not turn out to be the case. I have
> tried both options in the install program: letting the program find
> base2_1.tgz, and supplying a path for it manually. However, the
> automatic option returned a message saying an appropriate path was not
> found, and when did a filefind on the CD on my other computer, I could
> not find it either. What is going on? Have I gotten the wrong CD, or
> have I purchased something other than the Debian GNU/Linux Release
> 2.1? Any and all help will be appreciated. Best Regards,Steve

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately there were a batch of these books which came with a bad
CD, which I also purchased. Check out the New Rider's web site for a
free replacement CD:


- Dan

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