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Gnu/Linux 2.1 Install from the CD contained in Debian Gnu/Linux Guide to installation and usage

I have been following the directions in the manual I bought meticulously, but cannot get the base system installed. First, the disk was purchased from Linux Central along with the book. Next, the directory structure implied by the text in the book is not even close to that on the CD. The book also refers to the rawrite2 program and the resc1440.bin and drv1440.bin files, which were not on the CD either. I got around this little problem by downloading the proper files from the HOWTO site, and hoped that the remainder of the install would go well. Alas, this does not turn out to be the case.
I have tried both options in the install program: letting the program find base2_1.tgz, and supplying a path for it manually. However, the automatic option returned a message saying an appropriate path was not found, and when did a filefind on the CD on my other computer, I could not find it either.
What is going on? Have I gotten the wrong CD, or have I purchased something other than the Debian GNU/Linux Release 2.1?
Any and all help will be appreciated.
Best Regards,

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