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Kernel building fault...

I'm using the woody release of Debian and have had a problem the last part
of this month.
I've had IRQ problems and problems with the kernel not recognising how much
mem i have in the machine.
I've been thinking i've had harware problems and been trying to find the
fault. Now i've noticed that it was the kernel which was the error. I
looked back at my old kernals and found that the last working kernel which
gave me no problems. I tried to compile that same kernel again and i
noticed those problems occured again. So my guess is that some part of the
packages needed to build my kernal generate faulty code. gcc, binutils,
libc6... those are my best guesses.
The latest working kernel i have is from the 13th of march. So some package
after that should make the difference...

Am i the only one with this problem ??

/Mikael 'Nik' Grahn - Mindkiller Systems -

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