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Re: serial ports faster that 38.4K?

Quoting John Conover (conover@inow.com):
> How do you make the serial ports in 2.1 go faster than 38,400? The arg
> spd_vhi doesn't work any more, (setserial claims its depreciated, and
> it doesn't work,) but the docs claim that that is the way to do it.

You said in your previous posting that you had upgraded from Slackware.
Is it possible you've left some scripts around that are changing the
speeds? Debian 2.1 should give you 115200 out of the box, as my
reply showed.

And some old docs too, perhaps? I can't find where it's deprecated,
or where it claims that this is *the* way to do it. My slink clip
fortuitously displays man's version:


       baud_base baud_base
              This option sets the base baud rate, which  is  the
              clock frequency divided by 16.  Normally this value
              is 115200, which is  also  the  fastest  baud  rate
              which the UART can support.

       spd_hi Use  57.6kb  when  the application requests 38.4kb.

Setserial 2.14              June 1998                           3

SETSERIAL(8)        Linux Programmer's Manual        SETSERIAL(8)

              This parameter may be specified by a non-privileged

              Use  115kb  when  the  application requests 38.4kb.
              This parameter may be specified by a non-privileged



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