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RE: Questions from a new debian user

Hi Hillary. I'm about a week newer to Linux that you are... I know your bewilderment well. :)

> 1. Is there a way to exit X without halting the computer?  The methods
> I've tried have either shut down the computer correctly or 
> brought me back
> to the X login prompts.

If you're in the login screen and you haven't yet logged in, you should be able to CTRL-ALT-Backspace to exit to the plain terminal. This worked for me with plain XDM. It did not work with KDM however, and I deleted KDM in frustration. :)

> 2. I downloaded a file from the internet through lynx for the 
> browser I
> used to use in Windoze.  Now I can't find the file. Where 
> would lynx have
> dropped it.

Lynx drops things into whatever directory you were in when you started Lynx. Most likely you were in your user's home directory. If you can't find it, you can search for it, provided you know at least part of the filename. For instance, at a command prompt type:
find / -name "communicator*" -print

> 3. When I find the file how do I install it?  It's in .tar.gz format
> rather than .deb

I'll let someone else field this because I'd probably screw it up. :) But if you're installing Netscape you can get it in .deb format which is easier to install. 


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