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Re: Help

At 10:16 PM 03/30/2000 -0700, Morgan Terry wrote:
> you're doing or why, but you'll have an OS.  I expect that because Debian
> isn't the easiest thing in the world to install and configure properly, that
> I will learn more about UNIX and it's derivatives because I've installed
> something off the beaten path.

-- I know Unix well, but find that many of the problems with Debian are Debian specific, not Unix.

The most notorious problem source to me is dpkg/dselect, which gets one into such a convolved situation in some cases that there is no recovery. The second worst area is X; we nave lost 2 different installs because X would lock up the console on setup. Many other problems are the standard cycles of bugs in each release; again product specific.

Still, I use it!

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