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Re: xf86config

lee@gravitate.org (Lee) wrote:
>When I try to 'startx' my X program will start, however it gets to a
>grey screen and has a cross in the middle of it, and it pauses, ive
>tryed various setups in xf86config. and nothing seems to work.. 

Have you got an .xinitrc, and does it start a window manager or an xterm
or something? What you're seeing is a successfully started X server with
no clients attached to it, so your XF86Config is fine.

>Also I use a USB mouse, does linux support that?

I don't believe 2.2 kernels do, but there's support in 2.3.

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Plain text only would probably be better here.

Colin Watson                                           [cjw44@cam.ac.uk]

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