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Need help with cdrecord

I know this isn't debian specific, but maybe someone has had a similar

I am having trouble with cdrecord on my laptop.  I installed 2.3.99-pre3
(needed to get my USB CDRW to work), and got the drive working okay (an read
from it).  When I try to record to it, however, I get:

shmget: shm filesystem not mounted
cdrecord: Invalid argument. shmget failed

when I run with  -debug I get:

dev: 0,0 speed:2 fs: 4096000
TOC Type: 1 = CD-ROM
fs: 4096000 buflen 4100096

I've tried setting CDR_FIFOSIZE as well as using 'fs=' (as recommended by
someone or other) but it didn't help.

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