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Re: debian install

Richard McNally writes:
> Debian, I bought debian thinking it was a purist Open Source product.

Don't believe everything you read on IRC.

> I got it home and can't get beyond installing the base system. The
> product hangs and gives a message like"a problem occurred when installing
> Base System..."  Any suggestions?

Without specific, detailed information, no.  You have to tell us exactly
what hardware you have, exactly what Debian "product" you are trying to
install, exactly what you did, and exactly what happened.

> I bought O'Reilly's "learning Debinan" with the cd in back; same thing
> there as on the debian boxed product, advertised btw as "the last linux
> os you will ever need to buy" O yeah?  Nothing on support, nothing in the
> books, nothing on FAX.

If you want to gripe about the "product" direct your gripes to whoever sold
you the "product".  We are open to constructive criticism, but whining will
just get you ignored.

> Do you guys support this product at all?

Why should we?  We don't sell it: we don't sell anything.  We do, however,
support Debian users.
John Hasler
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, Wisconsin

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