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Boot mystery

Hi, got a problem...

I've installed Debian 2.1 i386 on my second hard drive in a file system and
a swap file I created with partition magic.  

I installed Debian by booting with a windows boot disk with a CD ROM driver
and then loaded Debian from the CD.  Everything went well. The installation
"found" my file system and created a partition called /dev/hdc5.  The swap
was activated and given the designation: /dev/hdc6 and when it came to
installing LILO, I agreed to what the installation suggested: /dev/dev/hdc2

I was using at the time Boot Magic, from Partition Magic and figured it
would see LILO and no problems.  However I can only boot Linux using the
boot disk made during the installation.

I read the LILO HOWTO and tried to make "active" the LILO partition using
"fdisk" and also "cfdisk" but both these couldn't see anything but the
"default" partition which was a FAT32 with Win95.  I tried Ranish Partition
Mgr as it was suggested on a Linux friendly site as a good tool for making
active, partitions, but although it saw the Linux partitions I got a
message that said it didn't support the Ex2 file system. (is this the
windows ranish version?) I went into partition magic and tried to make the
Ex2 file system primary or active or bootable but the option wasn't

Although I can boot with the floppy and get to my present installation, I'm
not too confident about floppy reliability and would prefer to activate the
LILO partition so Boot Magic will see it and I can have a choice when I
turn on the computer.

How do I get the /dev/hdc2 partition (LILO) created during the CDROM
installation, to be seen and activated?  I even did an installation where I
selected Debian as the default operating system but it was the same result,
Windows booting as default.  

I have a bios called "Mr. Bios" and it doesn't give you many selections
about changing bios settings, but it does recognize the other hard drive.
Another thing, I installed a version of Caldera 1.2 from the back of a book
once, on this same drive, a few months ago and everything worked fine in
the sense that Linux was recognized by boot magic and when I selected it as
the O/S to boot, boot magic went right to LILO and the boot went smoothly
to the #login.   Debian appeals to me for it's freedom and many options,
and I think the installation program (dselect) is excellent.  Just a bit
stumped on this boot question, I'm sure it's right there in front of me.



Version: 2.6.2


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