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CD Layout question (i386)

Hi everybody!

I'm new to this list - and also new to Debian. I have
used Slackware for years, but decided to give Debian a

I'm wondering how the CD layout looks at the official
Debian cd's. I know of the debian-cd package, but since
my machine runs Slackware at the moment it isn't much of

Just downloaded frozen (the i386 parts), and is about
to start create the cd's soon.

Is there any kind person out there who could mail me a
ls-lR.gz of the cd's? Or point me to some place to get

The main directory is far over 1 Gb - how do I split
it? My questions are many as you see.

Later on, when Debian is running, i could re-create the
cd's with debian-cd to get everything i place - but first
I need some basic advice to get started with my downloaded

Any suggestions welcome,



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