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Re: undoing `apt-get upgrade`?

jlgaddis@blueriver.net (Jeremy Gaddis) wrote:
>A week or so ago, I was gonna update my server.  I ran
>$ apt-get update
>$ apt-get upgrade
>and was informed there was about 20 megabytes of packages
>to update.  When I asked to continue, I promptly told it
>"no".  Now if I use dselect, and select a package to be
>added, when I choose "Install", it still wants to download
>the other 20 MB's of packages, leaving me to retrieve the
>package manually and doing a `dpkg -i` on it.  Is there any
>way to "undo" my `apt-get upgrade` so that it will remove
>these packages from the list of packages to be updated?

You could go into dselect and mark the packages you don't want upgraded
to hold (press =). You may have to sort out a few dependencies as a

Colin Watson                                           [cjw44@cam.ac.uk]

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