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Re: kde Window Manager

On Tue, 21 Mar 2000, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> > i am wanting to start kde as my default x-windows manager
> > 
> > i am going to edit my ~/.xinitrc with the following
> > 
> > exec <windowmanager>  currently set to wmaker
> > 
> > what do i specify for KDE?????
> > 
> kwm
That's a wrong answer.
You should do this :
lehel@jungle:~$ which kde
so the .xinitrc line shoud be :
exec /usr/bin/kde

kwm is only the windowmanager part of KDE 
lehel@jungle:~$ cat /usr/bin/kde

# initialize the configuration first.

kcontrol -init

# Start the common desktop tools in the background.
# The sleeps reduce disk usage during startup.
# kaudioserver will put itself in the background automagically

(exec kwmsound) &

# Add -ncols 96 after kfm if using a 8-bit display
(exec kfm) &

(exec krootwm) &
(exec kpanel) &
(exec kbgndwm) &

# finally, give the session control to the window manager

exec kwm
As you can see, /usr/bin/kde executes some other progs too (like kfm or kpanel),
which are essential parts of KDE. 

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