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> >  INIT: PANIC: segmentation violation! giving up..
> > 
> > and the booting procedure stopped there, forcing a manual reboot which
> > was successful only after yet another fsck.
> > 
> bad trouble is going on ...
> make a surface-check of your hdd to see if it's a hardware failure.

Hope not, the hd is a few months old (new).

> have you run another operating system, that might have messed up you linux
> install?

Uh, yes... and not.  I have OpenBSD installed, but on a second hd, not
on the same hd.  To be honest, I've mounted the Linux ext2 partitions
from OpenBSD several times, and done a bit of copying and moving.

hda (where Debian is installed) has different partitions, and /var,
/home, /usr, /usr/local, /opt, /usr/doc, /tmp are on partitions of their
own.  The partition I've messed up most from OpenBSD is /alt (a
partition of my own where I keep from source files to binaries and

BTW, the fs I usually get more trouble with (fsck inconsistencies) is

> crashed your system before these problems started?

NO.  I used to have problems with the X Window System, but these have
not happened since I added more RAM to the machine.  X used to hang at
exit every now and then.  The hang was usually a vertical stripped
colour screen, and the keyboard wouldn't work, so I had to do manual
reboots.  But as I said, this hasn't happened since I have 128MB RAM
(used to have 64MB).

> the panic is probably caused by a destroyed kernel-image, init-executable
> or some vital configuration file (e.g., /etc/inittab).

I've tried a couple of reboots, and everything seems to be working fine
now (everything except the ../lost+found/#10.... files which still are
there and the system cannot clean when starting).  But I expect some
more trouble as these problems don't usually go away on their own :(

Anything you may recommend?

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