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I'm getting continuous filesystem checks lately, and some filesystem
inconsistencies have generated, after running fsck, some files in the
various lost+found/ directories, especially in /var, which has lots of
these files (like #10062), which the system cannot remove.

Just a while ago I booted the system, and after a fsck I got the
following message:

 INIT: PANIC: segmentation violation! giving up..

and the booting procedure stopped there, forcing a manual reboot which
was successful only after yet another fsck.

Can anyone tell me what's going on?  (Please, send me a Cc: of your


Horacio					Anno MMDCCLIII aUC
homega@ciberia.es			Valencia - ESPAÑA
Key fingerprint = F4EE AE5E 2F01 0DB3 62F2  A9F4 AD31 7093 4233 7AE6

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