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Re: Unresolved symbols potato and kernel 2.0.36

> Don't upgrade unless you have to.  I always have to remind myself of that
> - if my machine is working and I can do the tasks I need to do, even
> though there is a new fangled a super-cool version of my software, I don't
> have to install it.  I still need to remind myself.

It's not just super-cool versions, it's thing like UDMA support for my
drive.  It's so I can hook up a parallel port zip drive to the thing.  Wine
that will run the programs I need, and so on.
> First, is sounds to me like you are using stock debian kernels.  I don't
> know if it is true, but it would not surprise me if the Potato kernel is
> not set to deal with sound modules.  I always think compiling your own

Well I have to use 2.0.36.  2.2 doesn't work for me, remember?  And I use
stock kernels because it avoids another level of confusion and
troubleshooting in situations like this.  I mean, why should I have
unresolved symbols when I am using a stock kernel?  And why does all of a
sudden a list full of geniuses go completely silent?  Grr.

> kernel is a good idea (you learn a lot about your computer and about
> linux), but others have differing opinions.  Oh, and yes, shared IRQs are
> impossible.  At least, I don't think Linux can deal with that setup.  But,
> any linux kernel can deal with any number of serial ports if properly
> configured.  Again, this gets back to building your own kernel.

No they're not impossible.  I am using it on 2.0.36.  COM 1 and COM 3 (DOS)
are by *default* a shared interrupt.  With olny two interrupts assigned to
serial ports you have to do some fancy footwork.  If I do compile my own
kernel (tried with a 2.2.14 one, no help) it doesn't solve the problem.

> The 'unresolved symbols' warnings have to do with module dependencies. 
> Did you run 'depmod' after compiling and installing your sound modules? 

Yup.  Also update-modules.

> You can try to insert the modules by hand using 'insmod', and when you run
> into troubles, you will at least know where you are in the process - which
> modules is not configured correctly or missing.

Same errors.  It doesn't just give me *an* error, it gives me about 40.
> I wish I could help more.
> There should be a modules howto!!!!
> Maybe I should write one.  As soon as I figure them out.

I don't think this is a modules thing, it's a kernel thing (very slight
difference, I guess) but more importantly, it's a support thing.  So far
this much-acclaimed Linux community has proven to be a bunch of the
proverbial blind men.  I've been using Linux for about 5 years now, through
all sorts of grief and struggles, and it's just not getting much better. 
What are the advantages of Debian again?  I have a Slackware 96 CD here that
also runs kernel 2.0!  Wow!  Cool!

Like I said, I have maybe an hour a day to spend on this; and all I do is
"patch the dam"

Sorry for the misery all, but it's really frustrating and so far no way out. 
And thanks for your response, I'm glad SOMEONE is out there.

Jonathan Markevich <jmarkevich@mad.scientist.com>

You will gain money by a fattening action.

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