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Re: Promise Ultra 66

On Sat, Mar 18, 2000 at 02:34:16PM +0100, J.H.M. Dassen Ray" wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 17, 2000 at 21:32:35 -0800, Brian Lavender wrote:
> > but it just flashes the characters
> > 
> > 2FA:
> That's from the Master Boot Record program. 

I guess you are correct about this, because I took the drive and 
reformated it with dos, and it was able to boot. Does this mean
I am going to have to create a dos partition on the disk, and put
loadlin in it with the kernel, and have an autoexec which will in
turn boot linux?

Now, I did find the IDE patches, and I was able to create a boot disk
that will boot my system and find the drive on the controller. It would
just be nice if that MBR with lilo could start up my disk.

I will have to take a closer look at the UDMA howto. In the meantime,
I am having trouble with fmt seeing the full size of the disk. I have
the Large Drive HOWTO, but that does not seem to tell me exactly what
I need to type in, so fmt will use the proper parameters and see the full
20 Gigs.

Side note, my scsi system sure does seem a whole lot easier. Perhaps twice
the price for the same drive space is not so bad after all.


> > I also tried booting with a floppy with IDE support, but it won't
> > detect it either.
> The bootfloppies for Slink don't handle UDMA66. You need to use bootfloppies
> with a kernel on them that's patched for UDMA66 support (using the IDE
> patches from ftp.kernel.org:/pub/linux/kernel/people/hedrick/). I'm not sure
> if potato's bootfloppies (will) support UDMA66.
> HTH,
> Ray
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Brian Lavender

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