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Re: Debian V2.1


BC> On Fri, Mar 17, 2000 at 02:46:51PM +0200, Leanne Gibson wrote:
BC>> I have a client running Debian V2.1 via a dial up modem for e-mail.
BC>> They were hit by virus the other day and are looking for anti-virus
BC>> software for the above version. Please could you come back to me
BC>> asap.
BC>> Kind regards
BC> I don't know of any Virus's that affect Linux (atleast not this
BC> version of Linux). If you are talking about an email Virus that
BC> normally affects Windows systems, then you really have nothing to
BC> worry about since they cannot affect Linux. If you can be more
BC> specific about the problem, maybe there is some way we can help
BC> resolve it.
BC> Ben

I've heard of the existance of unix/linux virii, but not in the 'wild',
not spreadble by e-mail, and the normal 'nix security controls restrict
what they can do (another reason not to run as root).  Also, virii don't
cross OS's (yet) so the likelyhood of anyone getting their Debian
system damaged by a virus from an e-mail is so close to nothing as to
be the least likely cause of any problems they might be having.  Are
they actually having problems after receiving this e-mail?

In fact, if your user has received a Linux e-mail virus, I would imagine
the commercial anti-virus companies would be very pleased to hear from
them - another source of fear to scare us with and another product to
sell to us.

Your user may well have received an e-mail with a warning from a virus
scanner on a mailing list, as I did a little while ago here, but if
we're not running the target OS we're pretty safe.




...or something.

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