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Writing corrupted files

Hi all, we are testing a machine (a dual PIII 500 with kernel 2.2.14pre15
SMP with Debian Frozen) we did just upgrade it with latest frozen packages
and since then we have problems in opening old document newly saved.
When we launch StarOffice it opens the previously saved docs but after a
save, when we try to open again it comes up with an error. 

Error reading document
General Error
General I/O error
(this is a translation from Italian may be incorrect)

And the document is no logner usable (even on other machines).
Can anyone give some hints ?

(This is also a warning... for others potentially in same situation, for
sure is not a StarOffice problem, creating a new doc, saving and reopening

Thanks in advance

Nicola Filippini
Infosec srl - www.infosec.it
Network Security & Data Defense
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