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pptp + pppd + radius

  I'm trying to set up a linux replacement for our windows vpn server, using
a combination of pptp, pppd (with ms-chap-v2 patch) and radius .. I was able
to use the pptp and radius apps from the Debian dist (potato), but had to
compile pppd w/ ms-chap-v2 separately... (I got pptp working from a windows
box, using ms-chap-v2, via the chap-secrets file, and separately got the
radius client to work fine with our radius server)  Now I'm wondering if
there's a way of connecting pppd -> radius via chap authentication .. I've
done some searching and all the methods I can find involve pap
authentication using radius only (via modem dial-up), none using chap (via

  Anyone know if there is a way to run a vpn server on linux, which either
uses radius to authenticate, or uses the windows sam database (via an NT

  Terry Katz

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