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Re: exim and spam relay

CAVEAT : I am a programmer - not a sysadmin. This is the best I can
muster, but it may not be good enough. :)

A (clipped) copy of your exim.conf file would have helped...

This may or may not be of help, but since I recently locked down a
mail server, I can at least say it worked for me... This is exim 3
from frozen, but it should be cool for slink.

also, you can test the relaying by telnetting directly to your port 25
and running the commands that were listed below
(HELO,MAIL,RCPT,DATA). Order and spaces are important.

# You don't care
qualify_domain = lupavista.jamdata.net
# You care
local_domains = lupavista.jamdata.net:lupavista:localhost
# This is the doosey
relay_domains =

If you really do need to relay for limited hosts, I would recommend
doing MX records and set relay_domains_include_local_mx.

There are manuals at www.exim.org, and a large section of the manual
talks about locking down relaying.

Good luck.


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