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Re: System.Map question

"Hausheer, Geoffrey" wrote:
> I just installed 'frozen' as my first trial of debian.  I had a general
> question:
> I have two System.Map files on my system.  a /System.Map and
> /boot/System.map-2.2.14
> My system crashed (damn laptop suspend and X), and when I rebooted I got a
> message about something worng with
> System.Map-2.2.14 in /boot.  I looked and the file was ancient (Mid
> January), whereas I rebuilt the kernel last weekend.  I just copied the file
> in / to /boot and all was well, but do I really need both of these?  I also
> have a vmlinuz-2.2.14 in /boot.  This is obviously not my current kenel, nor
> is it my backup kernel.  Do I need it?

	On my properly configured (I hope) system in /boot there is a
"System.map" which is a symlink to "System.map-2.2.14", and "vmlinuz"
which is a symbolic link to "vmlinuz-2.2.14".  I have a "vmlinuz" in
root, which is symlink to /boot/vmlinuz, but no symlink in root about
	If you use "make-kpkg", the deb package created should take care of
all this when you install it.

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Ed C.

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