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Re: slrn and leafnode

On 02/23/00 06:52PM, kmself@ix.netcom.com wrote:
> I've just started using tin and leafnode.  I'm finding that I need to
> use rtin rather than tin, pointed at localhost.
> Hmmm... Ok, just installed slrn:
>     slrn -h localhost
> or
>     slrn -h hostname

That worked. I could have sworn I didn't have to do that on a
previous installation. I just checked, I have this little script I
use under Window Maker to allow me to assign slrn a nice icon, and I
didn't have the hostname specified there. Hmmm. Well, fetchnews is
grabbing mail as I write this, so I'll look into it a little later.


> You might want to look under /var/spool/news to see that you actually
> have groups and items listed for you to read.    I did get an error
> trying to read from an empty group.  Not sure what's going on.

I've never used any other news client under Linux, but with slrn and
leafnode, you get a placeholder message that informs you that the
messages willl be retrieved the next time fetchnews runs. Is that
what you mean?

Thanks again
 ) Mark Wagnon      ) mwagnon1@home.com      )
(  Chula Vista, CA (  wagnon@rohan.sdsu.edu (

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