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Re: slrn and leafnode

Mark Wagnon said:
> My question is, *what* do I set as my news server when using
> leafnode? Do I use localhost? news.smaug.com (my system's domain)?

The name of the machine on which leafnode runs.

For example, I have slrn and leafnode set up on two machines here, pchan and
genma.  genma is my general-purpose server.

To fetchnews (which runs only on genma), the news server is
news.usinternet.com, my ISP's news server.  This is defined in

To slrn (and any other news clients I may run), the news server is genma.
This is the server defined by /etc/news/server.

In your case, with only a single machine involved, putting localhost into
/etc/news/server should work, though I prefer to use the box's own name

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