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Re: fork failed: Resource temporarily unavailable

On 23 Feb 2000, "F.P. Groeneveld" wrote:

derk >I'm having a very weird problem. I'm running potato, upgraded to the latest
derk >version yesterday evening.

i dont run potato but i have had this problem as well. although for me it
wasn't a 'problem'.

derk >I'm logging in remotely, using ssh to a normal user on my box, and su to
derk >root. Then, whatever command I type, I get:
derk >
derk >fork failed: Resource temporarily unavailable
derk >
derk >This happens both as root and as sashroot (root using sash instead of
derk >bash) What's happening, and how can I fix it?

are you using ulimits? i dont know if sash has builtin resource limits,
check ulimit -u, for most systems it should say unlimited, unless it is
set by you(or another admin) for most of my systems i set it to 12 which
is pretty tight. how many processes are running on the system? if its a
big system (hundreds of processes) you may be encountering a hard limit
set by the kernel, which can be changed in 2.0.x by altering the source,
and i believe on-the-fly with /proc in 2.2.x


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